Location & Directions

Location & Directions

The following are directions to Vista Linda Apartments from Downtown San Jose as well as our address and a map on how to get to our property by bus, car, or taxi.  If this is your first visit to Costa Rica there are also some helpful tips that will help you get around.  Generally people in Costa Rica are very friendly and helpful, if you stop someone on the street for directions they will in most cases not mind pointing you towards your destination, that includes taxi and bus drivers which tend to know the city better due to their line of work.

Our Exact Tico Address:
400 Norte, 200 Oeste de Amazon.  El Encanto, Calle Blancos (San Jose).  Vista Linda Apartments


By Bus from Downtown

From Downtown San Jose catch the bus to Calle Blancos.  The bus stop is located from the central offices of ICE (pronounced “easay”), 1/2 block towards the Parque Morazan/Holiday Inn.  The buses that go to Calle Blancos are bright yellow and easy to spot if you are standing in front of the ICE customer service entrance. Once you get on the bus and pay your fair (250 Colones – US.50¢) politely tell the bus driver that you need to get off at:  600 Oeste de la Plaza en Calle Blancos (Vista Linda Apartments).  When you get off the bus, walk to the end of the street in the same direction that you were traveling on the bus and make a right at the end of the street.  Continue walking down the street that you turned into and Vista Linda will be on your right hand side at the dead end.  As reference, there will be an empty lot on your left and directly in front of our apartments.


By Taxi from Downtown

To get to Vista Linda by taxi all you have to do is give the driver our exact Tico address which is:  400 Norte, 200 Oeste de Amazon  (You must say “fin de la calle” (end of the street).  El Encanto, Calle Blancos – Vista Linda Apartments. If you are coming from Downtown it is best if you catch a taxi on the North side of the city center such as the Holiday Inn area to save on the commute.  A Taxi ride from the Holiday Inn area will cost about U$3 (1500 Colones).  TIPS: Licensed taxis will have a sticker on the door and a yellow triangle with the cab’s number on it.  This lets you know that the cab is licensed and is equipped with a  working taximeter.  When boarding the taxi, politely ask: “Ponga la maria, por favor” (Put on the taximeter, please).  Watch the meter yourself.  Carry coins, as the drivers often times do not have change. You’ll find 500 and 100 colones coins especially useful.


By Personal Vehicle / Rental

Staring from the corner of the Holiday Inn Downtown San Jose, in front of Parque Morazan.

1.  Head north on Calle 5 toward Avenue 7
2.  Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto Avenue 9
3.  Take the 1st right toward Route 108
4.  Take the 2nd right toward Route 108
5.  Take the 1st right onto Route 108
6.  Turn left toward Route 100
7.  Take the 1st left toward Route 100
8.  Take the 1st right toward Route 100
9.  Turn right onto Route 100
10. Take the 1st left toward Calle Cipres
11. Turn left onto Calle Cipres, Apartments will be on the right