Tenant Info

Welcome to Vista Linda Apartments

This page is deigned with tenant information to help you get settled in.  We hope you enjoy your stay with us.  If you have any questions regarding our apartments, our area, or Costa Rica in general please feel free to contact the landlord Carlos and he’ll be more than happy to answer any inquiry.

Address & Phone

The following is some information that should come in handy.

Our full address is as follows, you should write this down and keep it with you in case you need to catch a cab or give someone your address.

Vista Linda Apartments
400 Norte, 200  Oeste de Durmal Esquivel
El Encanto, Calle Blancos
Master phone number: 2240-5021

Local calls are included in your rent (does not include calls to mobiles).  To call a local land line, first dial 9 to get a line out, then dial the 8 digit phone number you wish to call.   If someone needs to call you, they should dial the master number (2240-5021) and then your extension.  Your tenant extension is the same as your apartment number.



Taxi & Buses

Taxi: Although you can usually hail a taxi within about 15 minutes by waiting at the front gate, the easiest way to order a taxi as of 2016 is by downloading the Easy Taxi app on your smartphone. Once downloaded, enable the app to use your location and request a taxi with just one tap of a button. Unlike Uber, Easy Taxi is operated by official licensed taxi drivers and you are required to pay in cash for your ride. You can also use Uber if you prefer to pay with a credit card.

Bus Schedule: To go to downtown (San Jose) by bus wait at the bus stop located right around the corner and get off at the last stop where the bus driver has a 5 minute layover, make sure the bus has a sign that says San Jose and not San Antonio, CLICK HERE to see exactly where the bus stop is on a map. The schedule is from 5AM to 11:00PM daily and a bus will pass every 15 minutes until 8PM when one passes about every 30 minutes.

Returning to Vista Linda by bus: To get back to Vista Linda from downtown, you should catch the same bus at the same bus stop where you got off on Avenida 5, between Calle 1 and Calle 3. (5th Avenue, between 1st Street and 3rd Street).  The bus is bright yellow and will have a sign that says Calle Blancos. The current bus fair as of June, 2016 is ¢270 Colones.


Vista Linda offers laundry service at your request, Sammie will wash dry and fold your laundry when you request it. Most tenants will prepare their hamper for Sammie on the day that she cleans their apartment. Laundry service is available Monday through Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm for a fee of ¢4,000 per load.

Maid Service

Maid service is performed weekly. Sammie will sweep, mop, empty your garbage, clean your restroom, replace your hand towel, and change your bed sheets. Please note that when you move in we provide some supplies such as dish soap and toilet paper. These are complementary and you should purchase your own replacements when needed.


WiFi Internet

We contract two individual Internet services from the same provider, each internet line provides 10Mbps. There are two independent networks at Vista Linda and depending on your location in the complex you are able to connect to one of two separate ISP connections via the nearest wireless router to your apartment. The WiFi passwords can be found in the lobby.